Tuesday , December 1 2020

How to Learn Basic HTML Online ?

HTML (hypertext markup language) is used to craft webpages. It is used to create simple webpages to advanced. If you want to pursue your career, you should probably start with learning HTML. Always try to determine the bases, so HTML is the right option.

So how should you get started?

Well, there are numerous websites and resources on the internet for learning HTML. We have sorted the top 5 lists of resources for learning basic HTML online.


If you have ever queried “How to learn basic HTML” should have probably visited this site. In Codecademy the screen is divided(split) into two parts where you can code at one division and output is shown instantly in another panel. It makes newbie learners easy to enhance their knowledge and understanding level. You won’t be provided certification after the completion of the course.

General Assembly Dash

Similar to Codecademy, GAD tender free HTML course and projects for newbies. In general assembly dash, you will be tutored with real-world applications with goal-based courses. You will be building legitimate websites rather than just learning concepts. You will be provided with a certification after the session.  There are various paid courses available at general assembly dash for HTML beginners.


Not only HTML Lynda offers various topic to learn. Lynda provides qualitative videos to learn the basics. It has a mobile app too where you can watch videos anywhere you want. After the first phase of video tutorials, you will have to log in and access the rest learning materials. If you wish to access the project files, you can join the premium membership. Your code isn’t evaluated by the system automatically so you may have to enter any coding community for additional support.

Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse is quite similar to Lynda. You have limited learning materials (videos), and you have to pay for accessing more learning materials. Still, there are a lot of interactive quizzes after each session, including online workspace. The overall content of Team Treehouse is more focused on Website Development. It has an online forum on each course where students can discuss the particular topic. But sometimes the quizzes asked can be challenging to complete.


W3Scools is one of the best platforms for learning HTML basics to advanced. W3schools covers numerous topics for free compared to other platforms. It teaches you from scratch to advanced, enhancing your concepts broadly. The online workspace is designed conveniently with interactive activities. For HTML certificate, you need to pay $95.

So learning HTML won’t waste your time; instead, it builds up a habit of learning. These five websites are the list of platforms for learning HTML5 basics online. You can proceed to other platforms for advanced topics with better projects. We would like you to start learning from W3Schools if you are a newbie in programming.  After learning HTML, we would suggest you learn Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) and JavaScript, respectively. So if you desire to pursue your career in programming, be sure you start learning HTML 5.

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