Monday , November 30 2020

Medical Cleaner Needed Urgently

We are looking for a medical Center cleaner to join our team located in Red Hill VIC. This job is for a casual position and the right applicants will receive $20 on the basis of hourly rate. You are required to clean a medical Center in Mt Eliza area for 6 nights per week. You should be reliable, hardworking and helpful for the team.

Applicants must be ready to work extra hours if required. Applicants must have a valid police check to join this job. You must have your own car and driving license to join this job. Applicants should be able to use the vacuum cleaner properly. You should be innovative and take initiative while working. Applicants must maintain a positive attitude while working.

Applicants must behave politely while dealing with the clients. Experience is not preferred to join over here. Pay is based on hourly rate. If you are interested you can contact in following details to apply for this job. Please review all application instructions before applying this job.

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How to Apply : Please send your resume to for further procedures, thank you.

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