Wednesday , November 25 2020

Part-time Kitchen hand Staff Wanted

We are looking for a Kitchen hand at Coffs Harbour, NSW. This is a part-time position. The applicant has to work on a casual dining french restaurant at Coffs Harbour. Anyone who needs extra money for a few hour’s jobs can apply for this position. The applicant’s main duties will be to report directly to the head chef while undertaking tasks such as cleaning dishes, assisting with the preparation of meals, and the disposal of general waste.

The applicant will receive in exchange for your hard work and dedication you will receive a very competitive hourly rate as well as a great knowledge of the role. What you need to do now if you think this role is the correct fit for you do not hesitate to ‘apply’ today, or tomorrow or the day after. An interested applicant can apply as fast as possible.

How to apply: Please send your resume and details to, Thank you !!

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Payment will be provided as per the hourly rate. If you are interested in this role and meet the requirement, you can contact the employer in the following details to apply for this job. Please check all job instructions before applying for this job. Our main focus is to help people who are searching for jobs in Australia. We only post job offers, we can’t guarantee your approval.

Along with searching for a job, you can also publish your job offers for promotion on our website. You can send your job details through the contact us section from the top menu. To apply for the job, Sometimes you have to text, call or even apply online as requested by the employer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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