Monday , October 19 2020

Pub Cleaners Wanted, Pay rate is $23 per hour

Hi, We are looking for pub cleaners in Flemington. Must be able to work for minimum 6 months. Applicants must have RSA and kitchen experience. Main duties involved are leaning of toilets, rubbish, motel room, pub. Hourly pay is $23 per hour.

For this position, both male or female can apply. You will feel comfortable and enjoyed working with our team members who are very supportive and helpful. Must be physically strong and hardworking. Must follow all the instructions provided and come to work on time.

How to Apply: Interested candidates send your resume to

Pay is based on hourly rate. If you are interested you can contact in following details to apply for this job. Please review all application instructions before applying this job. After seeing job ads on our site, you have to contact employer directly, we can’t guarantee your approval, it depends on your capabilities and employer’s decision.

This website will help in settlement for new comers in Australia. After seeing room listings on our site, you have to contact final person directly, we can’t guarantee you will get it for sure. If you have any query and complain about the job, please feel free to contact us via our email, we will be happy to assist you.

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